Saturday, March 19, 2011

VIRTUAL OPEN STUDIO 1 -left hand/right hand drawings-

I like to paint on my body my cosmic script. It has been an evolution to try to paint my right arm with my left hand (I am right handed). So I took up a project recently to develop my brain connections to my left hand.

In India it's called "Swara Yoga" when one learns to balance the left nostril "Ida" (moon/female/right brain/creativity) with the right nostril "pingala" (sun/male/left brain/logic), and then automatically the central sushumna nadi (third eye) is activated.

So I hold a pen in each hand, and simultaneously draw, letting each hand mirror the other. Here are some early sketches, and then more developed work towards the bottom. I have noticed that the left hand is now more "conscious" when I am painting on the right side of my body...

(These are all archival pen on paper)

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Djamy said...

You are a Genius My Love° Digging the signature and date!