Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sphereism makes a come-back!

The art techniques and vocabulary I develop often reach a certain stage of growth, and then put on hold till another time, while I explore a new modality. Like a room full of musical instruments, they remain in waiting till I choose to take them out again and play. Sphereism was a conceptual vocabulary I developed a few years back. Similar to how cubism was a way to re-see space, Sphereism is a way to see through space (conceptually), it intends to show how everything isn't actually solid, but rather made up of over lapping vibrations. At first I was doing highly esoteric symbols as vessels to contain knowledge about the nature of the universe, but after some time I figured perhaps this was over the head of the audience, so I decided to go supermarket low-brow. Cereal boxes, and trashy magazines became my new vessels to reveal the vibrational nature of "reality". When I saw this recent cover of STAR Magazine with "Plastic Surgery Confessions," I couldn't pass up the opportunity to alchemize this American trash, and elevate it to something perhaps higher...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pix from the SpinCycle show opening

Show is up till the 27th of Aug.
Hope you get a chance to see it in person, as these pix are pretty low res..

(me and David Aron, good friend and other artist in the show)
(me and mom, my first art teacher)
(25 foot calligraphy scroll from the J.B. Blunk residency. Ink on paper)
(1 framed piece from a series of 7. Ink on paper)
(2 nine foot batik pieces. Dye on silk)
(Series of 10 energetic Kabbalah totems. Gouache on Eucaliptus paper)
(Kaballah diagram)