Monday, December 6, 2010

4th dimensional musical compositions for 13 Crystal Whale Skulls

@ Adobe Books Backroom Gallery on 16th street in SF/CA Dec 2010

-Since 2003 I have been channeling a script, which I felt was musical, but since I do not play any instruments I wasn't quite sure how to decipher it. The script energy began asking to be placed on my body, where invisible energetic lines exist are drawn out. I began doing this 'conscious body art' on myself, as well as therapeutically for others with positive results.

In 2007 Bay Area musician and producer Anahata Pace saw this script and was able to vocalize it (imagine dolphins making love in space). I began to compose linear arrangements for her, and continued to work on healing body glyphs for those I cross paths with [which I have also learned to tattoo permanently on the body due to the volume of requests]. During the opening of my 2010 JAPA show at Triple Base, Anahata sung a 13 foot scroll I composed for her while I was in India.

I call this group of 13 compositions '4th dimensional' because, instead of progressing like a typical linear musical score, the whole song is seen at once. I look forward to one day doing a concept album with Anahata.

here are a selection of pieces from the show (gouache on paper)

Friday, November 5, 2010


We did it in INDIA and NEPAL in 2009. Now we drive thru America's South West. On the road collaborative art making experience. Images to come...

Monday, October 11, 2010

The last word....

The sketch/notebook I started in India on 2/10/10 was just completed on 10/10/10 at the 13 Crystal Skull event in NYC. As an artist, I always appreciate peeks into other's creative process, so I decided to share with you some pages that contain doodles, concepts, and sketches from my life over the past 8 months...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

getting closer to the point

The "stick and poke" tattoo method uses dots to build up shapes and tones instead of the lines that a tattoo gun makes. Pointalism on the body. Here are some sketches playing with the technique.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

J.B. Blunk Residency Artist 2011

Dreams do come true!

I was one of 4 artists selected for 2011. I'll be there for 2 months in super grateful to come off these nomadic art wanderings and be able to ground in an amazing space with an amazing legacy...

S P A C E to P A I N T

NY is great for inspiration...

but suffocating in terms of space...

I felt the urge to paint my cosmic glyph caligraphy large, but with no studio I headed to central park last week with some house paint and a pink Italian sports newspaper and used an amazing amphitheatre as my nomadic NY studio. Met a really sweet man when I was done who was just there to blow big bubbles all day to touch the hearts of kids. If anyone has been following my art, I went thru a whole phase dealing with spheres/bubbles, so it was a wink from the universe to have this guy show up when I was done. Ouroboros style....

Friday, August 27, 2010

New zine available now...

Hello friends,

Pleased to announce the release of my new (zine) publication
(Vice into Nice Age Publishing catalogue 2010)

I don't have enough time to write all these books, so I just drew the covers...
13 Pages, hand signed and stapled. Contact me if you want a copy....

Pix from Sweden

Big group show of SF artists curated by Andrew and Breezy of the extraordinary Needles and Pens gallery/zine/DIY clothes shop. Kyle Ranson flew out to do some site specific work and I joined him in collaboration and did a solo mural too as well as having smaller work on paper for sale (available here) Cindy, Anna, and Jonathan did an amazing hosting job. Thanks Krets Gallery. Thanks Malmo.

OHR mural



Gallery Krets

Kyle and OHR collab


Kyle and O

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Group show in Malmö -Opening Aug 14th

My friend Kyle Ranson and I will be doing some site specific mural painting, and showing work along side SF´s most talented. Curated by Andrew of the wonderful Needles and Pen´s store.