Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Totem Series

In Dec 2009, after a year in India, the first place I went to in NYC before I even saw any friends was the Museum of Natural History. In the basement there is a hall filled with Totem poles and masks from the Pacific North West coast Indians....This is where I went to ground...with the sacred spirits of the land I had just returned to. I've always had a strong connection to the spirit of the native peoples more than the western culture that has sprung up on their ancient land....perhaps it was those pow-wows my mom would take me to as a child which activated some inner affinity.... I've wanted to do a totem series for some time, and now that I have the opportunity to work large again (temporary studio during this nomadic journey), sketches of sadhus from the Kumbh Mela, as well as Kabbalistic concepts (subjects I'm currently exploring) are working their way into these unfolding and vibrating energy totems....

Totem A
Totem B
Totem 10
Totem 09
(They are all gouache on eucalyptus paper)

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LadyDjaMillah said...

Sufi Science Super Stretch

It is a calming meditation to see how the shapes of colors, appears and dissolves from the thick void.

Well done, indeed.