Monday, November 28, 2011

Rest In Peace Erik "DC" David Carlson (1982-2011)


Anonymous said...

I am an old friend of his. We spent many years together in the Air Force. He was a great friend to me. He will be missed greatly.

This painting made me cry, it touched me deeply.
I know he would have loved it.

Thank you for this.

I'll miss you Erik. Rest in peace friend.

Anonymous said...

I painted this of Erik (DC) when we were traveling through Northern India together...He had the uncanny ability to just rest anywhere...this day we were under an apricot tree near a little stream. It was extremely peaceful. Thank you for coming by this virtual space and sharing your heart. Blessings, Oliver

Ryan Lincoln said...

I never met anyone like him. He was so different to me. I loved him for what he opened my eyes to and how you had to earn his love made and onceyou had it then you were always his. Miss you E sorry I wasn't there. -Ryan