Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Statement of the day

Existentialism was my modus operandi before I knew the word existed…the search for meaning has led me to destinations alluded to on philosophical system’s maps. …meandering through the forest of life, again and again passing over the same places, weaving, interlacing, memorizing the moss on stones, and watching as it grows each time I pass. My art is my map…my understanding of a certain path….my travel guide through different modalities of consciousness, which we can all wear as masks through the tragedy/comedy of life. The work is diverse, because it emanates from this place of open mind and experimentation, but each piece can lead back to specific philosophical seeds. I create work in series/suites…sudden bursts of expression after a process of understanding, where often times the process of creation mirrors the philosophical concepts visually. Different symbols/vocabularies/tropes emerge and then dissolve, and can be re-born years later in a new series, where they integrate, the way two schools of thought would come together to form a new way to explain what is “What Is.”
The past 3 years I have lived like a nomadic art history and art technique researcher, learning different traditions from different folk artists from cow dung painting in India to silk batik painting in Indonesia. Exchanging ideas at roots level. ..Injected with inspiration fuel from ancient caves and lineages of ancestral artists… I also come from a long artistic lineage. Past generation’s fresh Surreal juice has become fermented over the years, and as its caretaker, I sneak sips of this wine with my inner DaDa. My creative output finds the appropriate clothing for the idea it is intending to express. Categories I would check off, but not limit myself to include: Drawing, Painting, Site-specific Instillation, Photography, Video/New Media, Community Based Projects, Writing, Curating, Conceptual/Visionary Ideas.

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