Monday, December 6, 2010

4th dimensional musical compositions for 13 Crystal Whale Skulls

@ Adobe Books Backroom Gallery on 16th street in SF/CA Dec 2010

-Since 2003 I have been channeling a script, which I felt was musical, but since I do not play any instruments I wasn't quite sure how to decipher it. The script energy began asking to be placed on my body, where invisible energetic lines exist are drawn out. I began doing this 'conscious body art' on myself, as well as therapeutically for others with positive results.

In 2007 Bay Area musician and producer Anahata Pace saw this script and was able to vocalize it (imagine dolphins making love in space). I began to compose linear arrangements for her, and continued to work on healing body glyphs for those I cross paths with [which I have also learned to tattoo permanently on the body due to the volume of requests]. During the opening of my 2010 JAPA show at Triple Base, Anahata sung a 13 foot scroll I composed for her while I was in India.

I call this group of 13 compositions '4th dimensional' because, instead of progressing like a typical linear musical score, the whole song is seen at once. I look forward to one day doing a concept album with Anahata.

here are a selection of pieces from the show (gouache on paper)

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