Sunday, May 27, 2007


Like a family tree, where ancestors shed light on present incarnations, I will use this blog format as a linear system to explore the development of my art. Often times I am asked what kind of art I make. This perhaps is the most dificult question for artists to answer, and in my case it is espically dificult because most of my work stems from philosophical concepts, and takes on many forms. The more work I produce, the more I see patterns developing in a spiral format. I may explore a theme for several months, move onto something else, and pick it up again a year later -this time from an evolved point of view or implementing new techniques/process/materials. I will begin ten years ago (1997) after I graduated Skidmore college as an art major, art history minor, and work my way to the present, and then use the blog to archive new projects.

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Brion Nuda Rosch said...

I am looking forward to this.